How we take for granted the feeling of being free. We work to pay for Bill’s and things we need and want. We need to step back and take a look around us. Our kids are little for a short time in a blink of any eye they are grown and have their own families. Families need more family times and less stress on the day to day dirty deeds. We need to take a look at our past and the past of our parents and grandparents. That way we could get back to the basics of living life that is surrounded by family time!

God bless


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This is one of my favorite scriptures. God gives us so much that we take for granted. We need to forgive as he for gave us. The love God has for us is so amazing that no words can give true meaning. I pray God watches over everyone and keeps them safe.

God bless


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Family night at alley cats!

We had a blast when we do family time no matter where. This time was at Alley Cats we bowled miniature golf games and they rode go carts. I love making memories with my family. Sometimes we have a huge family night when my sister and her family come (Glenda David and Charlie!) Its time to do it again soon.

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Back in Texas

Well we made it back to Texas after a fun weekend in OKC! We spent time with my brother and it was a blast. Today we got to see our aunt and had lunch with both of them. Unfortunately the fun had to end and we had to come home. We cant wait ti go back to have some more fun. Until our next adventure stay blessed

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Motivational Sunday

With the week I have had at work I believe I will purchase this T Shirt to wear to work on Tuesday when I return to work.

Do you think they will get the point that I am mean and that nothing scares me?
The Grandmas Club
If only I looked like this then I know I could take on the world.

If you don’t believe this just ask me.

Thank you,


Sunday Funday with Lily and Jason

For Christmas my sister gave Lily and Jason a game and then a Craft where they can paint rocks. She also got Charlie a set as well so they could do this together. But we was going to Oklahoma this weekend and would need something to do at my fathers.

The Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit is the perfect introduction to rock painting.
Perfect for beginner, or expert, rock painters, Hide and Seek Painted Rocks is a fantastic way to share rock art with family, friends or complete strangers. 
This awesome kit has detailed step-by-step instructions for over 15 quirky rock-art designs, with bonus project ideas, games and suggested uses for the stunning rock artworks.
What’s Included;
six large river stones
six acrylic paints
two paintbrushes 
a 48-page book with step-by-step instructions for over 15 rock-art designs

I’m going to surprise Lily and Jason and bring our kit with us. Glenda picked out Hide & Seek Painted Rocks. We can play a game of Hide & Seek before we sit down to paint our rocks. Then play another game once we are done painting the rocks.

My brother is now in Oklahoma by himself since my parents have passed away. I think I will have the kids paint messages on Rocks and hide them throughout my dads yard and also my brothers for my brother to find when we come home.

Gerald will know even though we are far apart that we are thinking of him and can’t wait to return to see him again. Our kit may not have enough Rocks inside it so we can go on a Scavenger Hunt in my dads neighborhood to find more rocks.

If we run out of paint we can run up to Hobby Lobby and pick up more paint. Or Walmart’s if the kids want to go and look at the Toys. I love how we can make up stories about the rocks we will be painting.

Once were done my sister also loaned me a book to share with Lily and Jason. The book is called Kindness Rocks Journal. I like how I can read the prompts to Lily and Jason and then Jason can write down there answers.

Inside the book is lots of positive messages to keep the kids happy if they begin to miss there parents while we are out of town. I even found a couple quotes I would like to print out and hang up not only in my home but my office.

The first quote I am going to share with the kids is:

i believe in me…

#1 New Release in Rocks & Minerals ─ The Kindness Rocks Project, in Journal Form

Fans of Start with GratitudeThe Kindness Challenge and the Chicken Soup for the Soul books will love the Kindness Rocks Journal.

A rock for each kindness: It all started with a single stone on a beach in Cape Cod and now spans the globe. The Kindness Rocks Project, founded by Megan Murphy, author of A Pebble for Your Thoughts, is based on the profound truth that one kind message at the right moment can change someone’s day, their outlook, and their whole life. This rock painting project has become an international grassroots movement! The messages on these positivity pebbles take many forms: gratitude, affirmations, encouragement, offers of hope―all signposts along the way for someone to find at exactly the right time.

A Kindness and Gratitude Journal: Now more than ever, people are longing for kindness and connection. During these uncertain times, daily news reports focus on disturbing events of terrorism, gun violence, senseless murders, and political bickering. We are bombarded with images that evoke fear and hostility. The Kindness Rocks Journal provides a space to create a positive counteraction to all this negativity.

Learn to be kinder to yourself and others: Sometimes, all it takes is just one simple positive message to change your perspective, and that is what this interactive writing journal aims to help you do.

In the Kindness Rocks Journal, you will have space to:

  • Respond to helpful journal prompts, affirmations, and quotes
  • Grow through hard times with kindness and joy
  • Learn how to paint an inspirational Kindness Rock and share it with other

Inside this journal are my Affiliate links and if you click on the links and make a purchase I will make a small percentage from the products you purchase.

Thanks Deb